Warranty claims regarding Club 3D products will be handled by representative parties of Club 3D BV and Club 3D GmbH. Warranty claims from end-users are not handled directly by Club 3D. End-users with warranty claims, support issues or any other technical enquiries regarding Club 3D products can directly contact their place of purchase. Your place of purchase should handle all your enquiries,claims or questions. If you are 100% sure your product is defective. Return it to your place of purchase, there is no need to contact us. All incoming and outgoing RMA is handled by your place of purchase.

For warranty claims for users from the US and Canada, please contact rma@club-3d.com for further information.

If your store is out of business. Please contact us by sending an e-mail to rma@club-3d.com  and make a special note for direct RMA request due to dealer insolvency.We will contact you and ask you for a copy of your invoice. We do not support products that have no original purchase invoice.

Product warranty can be rejected for several reasons under which:

  • improper or inadequate use or misuse of the product
  • damage caused by not following the safety and handling instructions
  • external influences on the product
  • alterations and modifications on the product
  • intentional mishandling
  • repairs carried out by persons or entities not authorised and explicitly appointed
  • improper or inadequate packing or transport for returning the product
  • removal of serial and / or article numbers on the product