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7.1 HD Surround Sound
OpenGL 4.2
OpenCL 1.2
PCI Express 3.0
6 Mini DisplayPort
Ultra HD

7850 INTRO

Eyefinity 6

Multidisplay technology for gaming, productivity and entertainment

We are taking you beyond the boundaries of traditional PC displays. AMD Eyefinity technology expands the traditional limits of desktop computing by multiplying your screen area. With multiple monitors, games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you become more productive (an average of 42% more productive according to one study).

For Consumers

Take your PC games to the next level of reality and immersion. Most modern games look great on three screens, and only AMD Radeon™ graphics offer you the ability to play across five screens for an eye-popping gaming experience. Other combinations and configurations with up to six screens work too. Create your dream display.

Eyefinity 3

For Professionals

You wouldn’t work on a desk 24 inches across, so why tolerate constraints like that from your computer desktop?
View large scale models and multiple applications across several screens like they were a single display. Stop wasting time and missing information by switching between applications; enjoy the ability to see it all. Once you’ve experienced this kind of freedom, we don’t think you’ll ever want to go back.

4x UHD

Ports 1-6 Mini Displayport supporting Quad HD/4K video support

Ultimate in Color and Image Quality

Ideal for photography, graphic design, media creation and other color-critical applications. DisplayPort output can only support 10 bit video*


*For 10 bit video you need a display that supports 10 bit video.
A DisplayPort connection between the display and video card and a video card that supports 10 bit video.If necessary, you need to enable 10 bit video support in the video graphics driver.
Software that supports 10 bit drawing using OpenGL or DirectX on Windows


Eyefinity 5

Get the Whole Picture

Supporting multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, AMD Eyefinity technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience

AMD Mantle

From a game developer’s point of view, creating games for the PC has never been especially efficient. With so many combinations of hardware possible in a PC, it’s not practical to create specialized programming for every possible configuration. What they do instead is write simplified code that gets translated on-the-fly into something the computer can work with.



GCN Architecture for AMD's unified graphics processing and compute cores that allows them to achieve higher utilization for improved performance and efficiency



AMD CrossFire technology allows you to expand your system’s graphics capabilities. AMD CrossFire technology is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Unlocking game-dominating power, AMD CrossFire harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve gaming performance. With Club 3D Radeon™ HD 7000 graphics cards ready for practically every budget and the flexibility to combine two, three or four GPUs, AMD CrossFire is the perfect multi-GPU solution for those who demand the best.

3 screens


Remarkable speed and reliability

AMD Radeon™ GPUs with AMD App Acceleration let you run multiple applications at the same time with remarkable speed and reliability. AMD App Acceleration can help reduce slowdowns and stuttering in intensive, media-rich applications. Powered by a set of innovative hardware and software technologies working in concert behind the scenes. AMD App Acceleration gives you enhanced speed and performance beyond traditional graphics and video processing. You can multitask more efficiently and more confidently



It's important that great performance and great image quality doesn't come at the expense of a high power bill. Products with the GCN Architecture feature reduced power consumption in the "idle" state.
By dynamically managing the engine clock speeds based on calculations which determine the proximity of the GPU to its TDP limit, AMD PowerTune allows for the GPU to run at higher nominal clock speeds in the high state than otherwise possible

UEFI BIOS support

Secure boot

UEFI Secure Boot was created to enhance security in the pre-boot environment. Without UEFI Secure Boot, malware developers can more easily take advantage of several pre-boot attack points, including the system-embedded firmware itself, as well as the interval between the firmware initiation and the loading of the operating system.

Fast boot

When you turn on the computer, the first thing that happens is the system's firmware boots up and gets the basic computer hardware ready for the operating system. On a modern Windows 8 computer, the establishment of the hardware session is a much quicker operation than on older systems because the UEFI system is much more efficient than the BIOS system. To complete the hardware session, the operating system enumerates all available hardware and loads the appropriate drivers, thus ensuring that a solid hardware session is available.

Once the hardware session is ready, the operating system begins its resume operation. Since the resume operation consists only of restoring the kernel session, rather than restoring both the kernel session and the user session, the resume operation can occur much quicker. In addition to this, the resume operation gets a boost from the fact that the operating system is now designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores when it comes to processing the hibernation data file. (The old resume process only used one.)

tl_files/club3d/uploads/en/content/Graphics cards/R-Series/Computerscreen.pngroyalFlush

royalFlush, Club 3D's own overclocking software lets you fully make use of your graphic card as YOU want it. Overclock your graphic card to unlock even higher performance. find the most efficient settings for your card!


PDF Download:

Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 Eyefinity 6 product information sheet

High Resolution Image:

High resolution image



Product Name: Radeon HD 7850 Eyefnity 6
Product Series: HD 7800
Item Code: CGAX-7856M6
EAN Code: 8717249400950
UPS Code: 854365005817 


Bus Interface: PCI Express 3.0


GPU Chipset: Pitcairn PRO
GPU Clock: ~ 860 MHz
Stream Processors: 1024


Multi-GPU: Dual CrossFire Ready


Memory Size: 2GB
Memory Interface: 256BIT
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Clock: 4800 MHz


Cooling Type: Acive Single Fan on graphic card


Idle: 15 Watt
Idle ZCP mode enabled: 3 Watt
Maximum load: 130 Watt


DirectX version: 11.2 capable graphics
OpenGL version: 4.3
OpenCL version: 1.2


Slot Width: 2 Slots
Profile: Standard ATX profile
Card Size: 198x107x36 mm


Card Weight: 428 grs.

Output Configuration

Mini DisplayPort: 6x version 1.2
HDCP ready: YES
Maximum Resolution Single-Link DVI: 1920x1200
Maximum Resolution Dual-Link DVI: 2560x1600
Maximum Resolution HDMI 1.4a: 4096x3112
Maximum Resolution Mini DP 1.2: 4096x2160
Maximum Outputs Simultaneously: 6
Maximum Display support: 6

In the package

Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 Eyefnity 6 graphics card
Driver & E-Manual CD
Quick install guide

System Requirements

System Requirements

System Specifications for AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 Eyefinity 6

  • PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard 
  • System power supply with one 6-pin PCIe® power connectors capable of supplying 500W. Club 3D does not recommend the use of power adapters or dongles.
  • Minimum 4GB of system memory o 16GB (or more) of system memory recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology 
  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive, a keyboard, a mouse, and a display 
  • DVD playback requires DVD drive and a DVD 
  • A display with digital input (HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI) is required 
  • Blu-ray™ playback requires Blu-ray drive and a Blu-ray disc 
  • Supported operating systems include Windows

Operating system support

Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32/64-Bit
Microsoft® Windows® 7 32/64-Bit
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 32/64-Bit 

Eyefinity is only supported on Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32/64-Bit, Microsoft® Windows® 7 32/64 BIT and Windows® 8.1 32/64-bit Operating Systems

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