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Low Profile Bracket Kit

HTPCThe Low Profile Bracket kit offers you the possibility to transform your low-profile compatible Club 3D graphics card into a low-profile configuration for servers, HTPC or Flex-ATX cases. Just replace your standard bracket by removing the attached screws and choose any of the three brackets provided in the kit.

All Club 3D graphics cards are sold with the standard VGA port cable attached to the standard bracket. In case you need to use it attach it to the provided bracket.


Illustration process

1. Low profile card with standard bracket and the Low Profile Bracket Kit
2. 4 screws removed from the standard bracket
3. Standard bracket removed with the Low Profile Kit attached to the graphics card 


We provide two HDMI and DVI ports brackets. Not all graphics card are physically the same as some DVI ports are larger on the PCB. 

The standard VGA bracket remains the same in all cases as this port is attached to the PCB via a pin connector. This is common on Club 3D graphics card.


Each single slot Low Profile bracket has a lenght of 8 cm or 3 inches and take one slot space.



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High resolution image

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