21-May-14 // The Power of 3

The power of 3


Play the hottest games with the power of award winning GCN architecture and raise your performance to unprecedented levels with Mantle-enabled games. There's fast and then there's AMD Radeon R7 Series graphics. Get the power of 3 and Play with Power that Performs.




Bronze RewardRadeon Bronze Reward

With the purchase of Qualifying

Club 3D Radeon R7 250 series

Club 3D Radeon R7 240 series


With purchase of Club 3D Radeon R7 250X/250 & R7 240 graphics cards, you'll qualify for a Radeon Bronze Reward which allows you to redeem this offer and choose 1 Free Games from the Radeon Gold Rewards Tier of rewards titles available. 

Please note game selection and availability is subject to change without prior notice. For more information please visit http://www.amd4u.com/radeonrewards/for a list of current games

Popular titlesPopular Classic titles now included

Gamers asked for more titles including classics. Here they are.

Total War: Shogun 2

Alan Wake


Company of Heroes 2

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Supreme Commander

Dungeon Siege

Titan Quest

Sleeping Dogs


Tom Raider

IndieIndie titles come to Never Settle

Popular, great-looking games for performance on entry and mid-range systems

You can now choose a pair of Indie games as a Never Settle reward counts as only once choice!


Please find your local shop here

* See www.amd.com/neversettleforever offer on specific terms and conditions.

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