12-Jul-10 // Introducing the new GTX 460

Enter a New Dimension

Breakthrough the boundaries of your screen. Games, Blu-ray movies, videos and photos enter a new dimension to delight your senses with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology.

DX11 Done Right

Treat your eyes to incredible visual details without sacrificing frame rates. With up to 4x1 the geometry processing power over competing GPUs, you get incredibly detailed characters, terrain and game environments with blazing fast performance.

Stunning Gaming Effects

Going up against a mobster firing a gun at you: intensity score = 6. Going up against a mobster firing a gun at you, causing massive explosions and littering your screen with debris: Intensity score = 11.


Built from the ground up for next generation DX11 gaming, the Club 3D GeForce® GTX 460 graphics card delivers brilliantly detailed graphics in the latest games. And with 3D Vi- sion, PhysX®, and CUDA technologies, your GeForce graphics card powers all the incredi- bly realistic effects that your game can throw at it.

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