26-Jan-12 // Club 3D ShowMatch Sheth Vs Grubby

tl_files/club3d/uploads/en/content/Press releases/Contest folder/Club 3D ShowMatch/cynical_shethvsgrubby.pngtl_files/club3d/uploads/en/content/Press releases/Contest folder/Club 3D ShowMatch/cynical_shethvsgrubby.pngClub3D are continuing to throw sponsorship money in our direction which is directly funding theseshowmatches. The next in the series will be a battle of the manner as much as it is a battle of the mana. Having already clashed last week in a friendly series, the most polite of rivalries will be decided in this BO7, played on alternating servers for the fairest latency possible.

Map-pool - Antiga Shipyard, Metalopolis, Cloud Kingdom, Dual Sight, Daybreak, Tal'darim Altar, Terminus SE, Atlantis Spaceship, Bel'Shir Beach - 1 veto each.

VoDs? - Will be available on http://www.youtube.com/totalbiscuit

But wait, there's more! - This'll be a showmatch to remember for one lucky viewer because they'll be walking away with a Club3D Nvidia GTX 560 Superclocked graphics card. The 560 is a really solid card that comes highly recommended as a mid-tier card for gaming. It can play anything on the market. You can be entered into the prize draw by simply liking their Facebook Page and leaving them a message on it so they know you were there.

Club 3D GeForce GTX 560 Super Overclocked

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